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Some! Including but not limited to:


Dumb stuff with technology


At a hacker camp or con near you (probably under a DOME)

Then (and the rest of the time) you can find us hiding under rocks on the internet:


We were here:

We are going here:


You may have seen our Dome at the events listed above, if you would like to build you own we have instructions


For more formal information, the Code of Conduct may be relevant to your interests.

  1. No one shall dissuade or stop anyone from making anything, especially if it's a bad idea.
  2. "Fuck it, we'll do it live" is always acceptable.
  3. Maybe policy should go on the website.
  4. > For policy proposals in chat.
    1. Un defined, (but positive) number of ✅ are needed for policy approvals.
    2. Ticks must outweigh ❌ votes
  5. No hacker shall intentionally set another hacker on fire, or through inaction allow another hacker to be set on fire.
  6. For the avoidance of doubt, explosions are a type of fire.
  7. Disputes between members will be settled non-violently through a game of Guess Who?
  8. Policy items in <blink> tags are only in effect whilst visible.
  9. Policy is not serious, see Code of Conduct for serious things.
  10. If it can be run non-combustably at full brightness, it shall be run non-combustably at full brightness.
  11. If it can be horribly overengineered, it shall be horribly overengineered.
  12. Voice channels are always considered "at risk".